25 countries from the EU Treaty adopts strengthen fiscal discipline

Group of 20 defuse 'currency war'

Adopted the EU countries except Britain and the Czech Republic, on Monday evening a new treaty to strengthen fiscal discipline in these countries with the expectation that the inclusion of “golden rules” on balance, as the head of the European Union. Said Herman van Rompuy on Twitter that “25 countries signed the Treaty on the budgets.”

High number of companies that declared bankruptcy in France


National Institute of Statistics announced on Saturday the French, the number of companies which have been declared bankrupt has risen during the month of August. The institute said in a statement today that the provisions of the bankruptcy of companies during the month of August rose by 9.4 percent, which reported a 4333 case of bankruptcyand corporate bankruptcies decreased by 8.5 percent in … Continue reading

Facebook” offer its shares in the IPO in February


Saturday, January 28, 2012 – 11:47 Picture of archival Yasmin wrote Khaled Announced that Facebook, which has become the largest social networking and the number of users of 800 million subscribers from selling shares in the IPO in the month ofFebruary, and is mandated Morgan Stanley to pursue the matter, estimated the company’s shares by about 75 … Continue reading

Index “Forums” winning 60 points in the first session of the week


Clothed in green all the indicators of the Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul), at the end of trading sessions the first week’s trading, today, Saturday, with a total trading volumesreached 6 billion Saudi riyals, through trading on the 351.554 million shares, through the144.283 thousand transactions. And won the main index of the Saudi stock … Continue reading