U.S. stocks posted strong gains in close

2.4% growth forecast for the world economy in 2013

U.S. stocks closed on Wednesday, a gain of more than 4%, after the major central banks agreed to make dollar loans more accessible to European banks, which is suffering, in an effort to prevent the debt crisis of the euro area causing scarcity of credit. The Dow Jones industrial ‪ <. DJI> ‬ the DJI trading session on Wall Street was up 490.05points, an increase of 4.24% to 12045.68 points, while … Continue reading

Egyptian Stock Exchange continues to rise and gain 4 billion in one hour


The Egyptian  stock market continued to rise strongly in the beginning of the day Wednesday, helped by purchases of Egyptian and Arab investors and foreign individuals on many stocks indifferent market sectors amid optimism about improved political, economic and security in the country in light of the course of the first phase of parliamentary elections. Profit and market capitalization of companies listed on the stock exchange in … Continue reading

Iran supports oil strongly


Crude oil headed toward the second weekly loss against the backdrop of fears that the worsening debt crisis in Europe will lead to a recession, which if achieved could lead to dire consequences for the … Continue reading

High decline in gold

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Gold continues to struggle following the Attitude toward the second weekly decline in a row. Gold has failed to make any progress, despite the escalation of the crisis and thecontinued activity of central banks in the procurement process in the actual marketinvestments through ETFs that have achieved a new record level reached 2.350 tons. In general we can say that investors in ETFs have an … Continue reading

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Gold fell under pressure from weakening of the euro

Is it the time to invest in gold or not?

Influenced by the price of gold fell under pressure from weakening of the euro because of a dispute between the leaders of Europe on how to contain the debt crisis despite the highlevel of assets to the world of metal Almtdolh funds in the stock market to a new record. And increased returns on Italian bonds for two years to a … Continue reading

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