2,000 Protester Siege Kumtor Gold Mine Office

Kumtor Gold Mine

Hundreds of protesters lay siege on Kumtor gold mine in Kyrgyzstan, clashed with the riot police resulting 55 wounded and the declare of a state of emergency.

Protests began earlier this week demanding the nationalization of Kumtor gold mine and more social benefits for poverty-stricken state of Kyrgyzstan. The situation escalated when protesters blocked the road to the mine and shut the power to the mine off for hours.

The Canadian Toronto-based owner and operating company, Centerra Gold, argues that the protests are illegal. The politicians in the government are discussing nationalization and supporting foreign-investments.

Riot police moved on Thursday night to detain 80 protesters and restoring power supply to the gold mine. On Friday, protesters clashed with the police, resulting in 42 wounded.

The Deputy Prime Minster paid a visit to the protesters in an attempt to persuade them to disperse. He asked them to have patience till the issue is solved legally. He added that these protests result in great economic losses.

On the other hand, Riot Police force had 13 wounded from stone throwing protesters and a burned bus. They used stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators.