2.5 tonnes of gold sales of Qatar during 2012

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Expect an expert in the field of gold and precious stones to reach the size of the Qatari market consumption of 2.5 tonnes of gold during the current year would suggest, to the growth of the purchasing power of the market and high rates of income of individuals in Qatar.

He favored the fluctuation of prices of condoms between 1600 to 2000 U.S. dollars in 2012 and that the relationship between gold and the dollar reverse, denying any impact of the revolutions of the Arab prices and gold sales in the Gulf region expected to experience growth in sales especially the Qatari market and called him a “Baloqoy in purchasing power and the volume of sales in the growth of continuous and it is still favorite destination for investors and the most important markets in the region preferred as a result of the wise policy of His Highness the Emir and his wise government in laying the foundations of the economy strong.

He revealed the completion of the feasibility study to establish a factory for the manufacture of gold in Qatar Qatari investors with a cost estimated at about $ 100 million and expected to be completed through 2014 .. He continued: “to be Qatar’s product of gold simulates the customs, traditions and heritage of power is national economic encourages such projects that serve the national economy of the multiplicity of advantages of investing in the market the country that promote the process of attracting foreign investment climate is the investment encouraging and Qatar is full of places vital that call us to further proliferation” .

He denied Salahi a bubble in the world gold market during 2012, said according to reports, what we are seeing in the gold market is not a trend short-term driven by market forces temporary, as the price of gold was increasing over ten years, and is reinforced by the strong demand for diverse, in addition to the basics of supply .. He continued, while gold prices continued to rise in 2011, the analysis by historical standards, it appears that prices do not represent an exaggerated assessment compared with other assets.

On the assessment of the investment market, the country said Chairman of the Board is encouraging the market and we look forward to engage in multiple activities and investments and we have studies in this direction the market is attractive and has a unique investment opportunities in all sectors and we are keen to seize this unique opportunity.

Investment demand

He predicted that the demand for gold continues to rise through 2012 and all Classes of investment and industrial demand backed up by central banks around the world to demand coming from the gold jewelery market in emerging markets.

He said: The latest report by the World Gold Council on trends in the demand for gold that the average price of gold rose by 22% for the first quarter of 2011, where he scored 1.690.57 dollars and as a result, compared to the value, I followed all sectors of the request for gold to raise prices for last year with the exception of the physical demand for gold bullion, which fell on a large scale and the formal sector, which fell to the lowest procurement activities of the exceptional levels recorded in the first quarter of 2011.

He noted that according to figures the World Gold Council has increased the investment application and the jewelry industry in China by 10% from the levels recorded last year to reach 225.2 tonnes, has made the investment application strong growth, recording 98.6 tons, up more than 13% for the first quarter of 2011, demonstrating the need for investors to keep the wealth of the Standing amid the current concerns of inflation.

And reduced the expert in the field of gold and precious stones from the effects of exit Greece from the euro zone, considering that its economy collapsing does not adversely affect the price and sales worldwide.