$ 13 billion profits for »Apple« in the first quarter

Apple company, Behind Gold price decline for the second day

Net profit for Apple in the first quarter of $ 13.06 billion or 13.87 dollars per share, compared with the average market expectations of 10.16 dollars per share.

And exceeded the results of «Apple» in the first quarter of fiscal year market forecasts, backed sales are almost unprecedented for devices iPhone and any Bad, prompting the company’s shares jumped 8%. The Apple-than-expected results in the previous quarter in one of the rare times, alarming investors to be on its way to a period of slow growth.

Sales of the company to double its level a year ago to $ 37.04 million from a primary product, the iPhone and 15.43 million iPad Tablet and easily exceeded already high expectations of strong sales in the holiday season. This helped the inflation holdings of cash and securities to about $ 100 billion. And increased sales of the iPhone by 128% for the first quarter of last fiscal year, while sales increased iPad by 111% during the same period.

Allay fears

The results calmed fears about the ability of the new CEO Tim Cook to lead the company that Steve Jobs around its founder and its president, who died last October from a small company to a global leader. This is the first full quarter of the company without its founder, the legendary. The company’s shares Qgazz 8% to about 452 dollars, following the declaration of results.

The stock, who scored a record price of $ 427.75 earlier in the month, closing at 420.41 dollars. The company also forecast higher than analysts’ estimates of their results in the second quarter of its fiscal year. The company expects revenue of approximately $ 32.5 billion and declining earnings per share to $ 8.50. Analysts on Wall Street that the company achieved a profit rate of 8.04 dollars per share on revenue of $ 32.1 billion in the second quarter.

New products

Said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple: We are very pleased with our results excellence and broke records for sales of the iPhone and any Bad and Mac, which gave a strong impetus to Apple and are incredible and our range of products the new amazing way to market. And economic data showed that Apple was the biggest buyer of electronic chips in the world last year.

Which spent $ 17.3 billion to buy these chips required to operate any devices iPad iPhone and Mac produced. The report issued by the institution, “Gartner Research” research that South Korea’s Samsung Electronics came in second place, where spent on these products $ 16.7 billion and U.S. Hewlett-Packard came in third place and spent $ 16.6 billion.

The Hewlett-Packard, the largest producer of personal computer in the world’s largest buyer of electronic chips in 2010, but Apple and Samsung Tfogueta their sales thanks to the powerful Tablet PC and smart phones. The «Nokia» mobile biggest loser in this list, which dropped its purchases of chips by 20% due to shrinking market share.