124 Chinese Detained for Illegal Gold Mining in Ashanti

Gold mining Africa

According to the Chinese Embassy in Ghana, the Police detained 124 Chinese on suspects of illegal gold mining in a raid near mine areas in Ashanti region.

The authorities in Ghana raided areas near mines where Chinese resides over the week. By Wednesday, the total of raids resulted in 124 Chinese citizen detained on suspects of illegally mining gold.

These detentions pose a diplomatic problem for China in the current situation. China expanded its influence in deprived Africa investing more than $1.5 billion in 2010 and trade volume reached $160 billion in 2011 from $9 billion in 2000. After the current economic recession, major powers are turning their eyes on Africa. Japan, the Chinese rival was the first in Asia to follow China.

The natural resources-rich content Africa, provide China with materials needed to fuel the Chinese economic growth. China now needs to demonstrate its political power and influence in order to release its citizens held abroad.

The Chinese diplomats implied to the Ghanaian local authorities not having enough control over their law enforcers. They urged to prevent the local residents looting and violating the legal rights of the Chinese citizens in foreign countries.