112.6 billion dollars is small loans in China in February


The value of small loans in China during the month of February last 112.6 billion dollars.

The news agency quoted China’s new «Xinhua» About the statement of the Central Bank of China announced yesterday that new loans amounted to 710.7 billion yuan (112.6 billion dollars) in February.

Increased and new loans to citizens by 65.3 billion yuan (10.3 billion dollars), while loans increased for the non-banking institutions and other units by 643.5 billion yuan (101.9 billion dollars).

Increased the balance of foreign currency loans in China rose 16.1% year on year to reach 544.4 billion dollars, and reached new loans in foreign currencies of $ 8.4 billion in February.

At the end of the month, the balance of exchange traded 5.14 trillion yuan (814.4 billion dollars), up 8.8% on an annual basis, rose 5.8% increase for January

And citizens’ deposits increased by 164.4 billion yuan (26 billion dollars), and deposits increased non-bank institutions by 894.1 billion yuan (141.6 billion dollars), and deposits increased by 121.8 billion yuan (19.2 billion dollars).

And the balance of foreign currency deposits to 316.9 billion dollars, up 38.7% on an annual basis, these deposits increased $ 27.1 billion in February.