10 central banks have more than 21 thousand tons of gold .. And” American” first position

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In a time when increased gold futures toward their highest levels since early May in the light of expectations stimulate the U.S. third largest economies of the world, there are still expectations driven down the pace of rising long-term with continued high demand and declining supply.

Despite the decline in demand of 7% or approximately 76 metric tons in the second quarter to its lowest level in two years, demand remained strong from central banks to diversify reserves assets, and the protection of national wealth.

According to the World Gold Council data central banks bought 157.5 metric tons of the precious metal in the second quarter, up 63% compared with the first quarter, and a rise of 137.9% on an annual basis.

While the purchases of those banks 254 tonnes in the first half, up from 200 last year, which prompted the World Gold Council to sign a record of them this year than last year, which was the highest since 1964.

And the importance of following up the development of the precious metal reserves of those banks, the following list includes the world’s top ten banks in terms of possession of the precious metal according to the World Gold Council data, and totaling 21.363.8 tons United States accounts for 38% of them.

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