$ 1.5 trillion global FDI in 2011

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Jumped global flows of foreign direct investment jumped by 17% in 2011 to $ 1.5 trillion despite the economic turmoil around the world.

If there is reason to cautious optimism that a further increase in 2012. Most of the increase is due to the processes of mergers and acquisitions across borders. The «UNCTAD» Latin America and South-East Europe and the former Soviet Union would overtake the countries of Asia as an engine of growth.

A significant increase

The report, prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the global flows of foreign direct investment increased for the second consecutive year to reach about 1.509 trillion dollars in 2011. This figure is high by 28% from the level recorded two years ago in 2009, but remains down 23% from the peak recorded in the 2007. And record spending on mergers and acquisitions across the border jumped 49.7 percent to 507.3 billion dollars in 2011.

Record inflows

And developing countries got to record flows of foreign direct investment. And China received the second largest destination for foreign direct investment 0.124000000000 dollars of foreign direct investment, a record high for the second year in a row. And increased foreign direct investment received by India 38%, after a significant decline in 2010, reaching $ 34 billion. And increased flows of foreign direct investment to Latin America by 35 percent to 216.4 billion dollars.

Developed countries

And increased flows to developed countries for the first time in three years with the rise by 18% to 753 billion dollars, backed by an increase of 23% in investment to Europe.However, flows to the United States, the largest destination for these investments, fell by 7.7% to 210.7 billion dollars. She «UNCTAD» cautiously optimistic about the global flows of foreign direct investment in 2012 expected to rise to about 1.6 trillion dollars.